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 New Donate by SMS method

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PostSubject: New Donate by SMS method   Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:25 pm

We now accept donations by SMS (or texting) for people that do not have a credit card or paypal account. It will deduct from your mobile credit to pay for the donation. The commission fee OneBip is charging has also been passed on to the donator so using this method will cost 10% more. Ex.: if you want to get something worth 20$ you would have to donate 22$ to cover the donation and the OneBip fee.
If you have a paypal account or a credit card, or if you have permission to use a parent/relative/friend's card or paypal account, you should donate using that. Mobile donations are only for people who cant donate otherwise.

Edit (by Mogy): ONLY post if you have a relevant question. Don't just post "Woot, well done" or some other junk.


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New Donate by SMS method
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